Common Questions

Common Questions

Do you have any questions about getting service done?

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Common Questions about Caribbean skin and massage

Take a look at some our frequently asked questions below:

  1. Has everyone received training and a graduated from a qualified massage school?

    Of course, no need to worry because everyone has training. Everyone has completed recommended hours and is fit to ensure your relaxation goals are met. Our staff is trained to give you the best massage experience that will enhance your mental clarity and physical well being.

  2. What makes you different from others?

    We are a professional company. Everyone has correct professional training.  Everyone is well trained in the field of massage, reflexology, and physical well being. Our staff is reliable and in good standing. This is  a uniform base company and our staff works with the utmost poise and technique in every job

  3. This isn’t an escort service, correct?

    Of course not. We have nothing to do with any service like that. We stated before we are a professional service that provides the best massages to the whole island of Puerto Rico. We are legitimate and request serious customers in need of massage services to contact us.

  4. Others have pictures of their workers, why don’t you?

    We really don’t think a picture has anything to do with service. Just because someone might look beautiful doesn’t mean that they can do the right job. Others use pictures to lure people into their business. We are all about truth and working in harmony with the body to ensure health and healing in all aspects of life.

  5. What is the Affiliate program?

    We have  hotels that refer our service. Sometimes the workers at the hotels refer our service as they experience a massage from us. We also have a program for customers that use our service all the time. This means they get discounts and special privileges for helping spread the great skills of our talented staff.

  6. Can I get same day service?

    Yes, you can in most cases. We will try to fit you in the day. There is a verification  process when calling from hotel or requesting a massage. We verify who you are through a the specific verification system we use to ensure the safety of our clients and faculty.

  7. I emailed and didn’t get any prices through email?

    Like we said before we use a verification system. This indicates that prices will not be given through email. Email contact is for questions about services and our other relaxation techniques. You must call when asking about pricing. This way we have verification to know who is calling so we can better assist your needs.

  8. I have so many questions about skin care. I would rather an email?

    Send us an email with your questions, email, and phone number. You would have to call for detailed information. We will set an appointment through the phone that is free to help you with all your questions to find what is the right choice for you.